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Brittany Miller

Brittany Miller (she/her) has always been a bit of a jane-of-all-trades, but keeps coming back to theater. She received her B.A. in Theater and English from the College of Saint Benedict, where she worked on numerous productions and starred in Tennessee Williams' Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen. She also performed in Machinal and Museum as well as designing set dressing for The Foreigner and writing an original one-act called The Fitting Rooms.


Brittany performed and recorded for 10 years as a singer/tech/designer with Spencer McGillicutty, a retro-pop outfit based in Saint Cloud and Minneapolis with reach as far as radio play in Brazil and a label release in Japan. She loves a good 24-hour or 10-minute play festival and did some with Bedlam Theater back in the day. Getting back into theater in recent years with Gnarly Bard, she has adored playing Hazel in Escape Pod Echo, for which she also contributed specialty props. The following year she co-designed props for Tales from the Fiefdom. Most recently, she designed costumes for Alpha Moon, which included a live werewolf transformation! She loves singing, writing, treasure hunting, and solving puzzles (whatever form that takes). Don't get her started on Escape Rooms :)

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